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Water Tank Over Flow Alarm
4 Level Indicator With Alarm
Semi Automatic
Fully Automatic Water Level Controller
Power Saver
Fully Automatic Water Level Controller With LCD Display
Insect Killer
Hand Dryer
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What we offer. . .
Automatic water level controller
* Site selectable automatic or manual operation
* Reliable molded float switch suitable any fluid emergency float by pass facility
* Facility to adjust float length/height at site
* Pump on or pump off indication
* Level indication for both tanks
* Connected to any coil operate starter
Automatic water level controller or alarm with 4 level indicator saves water, protect motor and reduce electricity bill.Automatic water level controller,gadgets called automatic liquid control system.Our automatic water level controller or indicator alarm is manufactured under the name of ROBOT.ROBOT takes the responsibility of a man who switch on/off the motor.Our automatic water level controller serves 24hr water supply without letting the overhead tank be become dry.